Rubber profiles

Tehnoguma offers a variety of rubber profiles, including hard rubber and foam rubber profiles, made of various elastomers. Order based on code, drawing, or sample.

Tehnoguma is a leading manufacturer of rubber profiles with a wide range of products, including hard rubber profiles and foam rubber profiles. Our hard rubber profiles are made from a variety of elastomers such as SBR, EPDM, NBR, CR, NR, and VMQ (silicone) rubber, with properties that depend on the specific type of elastomer used. On the other hand, our foam rubber profiles are made from a porous rubber product with low specific weight, known for their flexibility, elasticity, and adaptability to uneven surfaces. Both types of rubber profiles are used for sealing, damping vibrations, and insulation from low and high temperatures. Our profiles are available in various shapes and sizes, with the option for customers to order based on codes from our catalog of standard rubber profiles, their own drawing, or a sample.

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