Hard rubber profiles

We produce rubber profiles made of hard rubber of different shapes, compositions, and hardness based on SBR, EPDM, NBR, CR, NR, and VMQ SILICONE rubber

Profiles made of hard rubber

Tehnoguma produces rubber profiles of various shapes, compositions, and hardnesses based on SBR, EPDM, NBR, CR, NR, and VMQ (silicone) rubber.
The properties of rubber profiles depend on the type of elastomer they are made of. The selection of elastomer depends on the physical and chemical conditions of the place where the profile is installed.

For the correct selection of the mixture, see the table of basic characteristics of each mixture.

How to order rubber profiles?

Rubber profiles can be ordered:
based on codes from our catalog of standard rubber profiles
based on your own drawing
based on a sample from which we will make a drawing that the customer needs to authorize to avoid errors caused by wear or damage to the sample
Along with the dimensions of the profile, it is necessary to indicate:

the type of material (e.g. EPDM, NBR…)
hardness (ShA)
method of packaging and lengths of cut profiles for delivery
If not otherwise specified in the drawings, profile production is carried out according to the standard ISO 3302-1, class E2 with precision according to the tolerance table.

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