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About us

Tehnoguma d.o.o. It has been present on the market for 25 years. The main activity of the company was based on the program of rubber and plastics products, sealing and insulating materials and other goods intended for technical maintenance of industrial enterprises. We have directed our business towards quality in providing services and production according to state-of-the-art technological and industry standards. If you are looking for a reliable partner for business cooperation that will devote maximum attention to you and your needs, you are in the right place.
By working to improve business processes, investing in technology and expert knowledge and satisfaction of our employees, we have achieved and maintained high quality of products and services, competitiveness and trust of customers as evidenced by the reference list of reputable Domestic and foreign companies. We cover the market of Croatia, Serbia, BiH and employ over 100 qualified employees.
We have business, storage and production infrastructure that is in line with the latest technological standards as well as several certificates that additionally enable us quality in business. Requirements of modern market encourage us to continuously monitor and adopt trends, expanding the existing assortment of products and services and most importantly, the professional development of our employees which are the basis of our business success and sustainable progress.

Quality and environmental management

In all areas of business, the technology administration has opted for the quality and environmental management system according to the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We have dedicated our attention to a business model whose primary goal is to achieve and retain a high level of satisfaction with our employees, customers and suppliers in the field of production, services and distribution.

Quality Management System
The high quality of service and the complete satisfaction of our customers is only viable in the framework of an effectively constructed, documented and integrated quality management system. By continuous operation we have provided organisational conditions for the fulfilment of high requirements in the quality of our services and products.
The result of these efforts is the establishment of a certified and integrated system based on the requirements of the Croatian standard EN ISO 9001:2008.

Environmental Management System
Technotyre Company has successfully certified the International environmental Management system according to the ISO 14001:2004. This certificate is an upgrade to a long-standing effort in preserving the environment and taking care of the community. From the very beginning, Tehnotyre has opted for modern environmental and sustainable trends in environment protection, which are socially responsible and compliant with statutory requirements. Key support for socially responsible operations are our employees who accept responsibility and obligations through education which further raise awareness of the need for environmental protection.

Responsibility of management and employees
The management of the company regularly establishes annual objectives at the level of society, in order to enable the achievement of set general objectives and policies.
In accordance with the company’s policy, all employees are obliged to:
• Continuously improve the effectiveness of its procedures
• Strictly respect the laws and other binding regulations
• In accordance with their responsibilities, undertake actions to achieve the objectives

TG Group

Our initial activity was production, placement and distribution of rubber technical products. Due to the better and increasingly comprehensive resolution of special requests from our customers we have expanded our offer towards other market niches. In the Tehnotyre system there are companies: • TG Stil d.o.o. Whose primary activities are sales and installation of all types of floor coverings (parquet, lath, PVC, linoleum, carpets, rubber flooring, doormats).
• TG Art Ltd. Whose activity is the design and processing of plastic materials based on plastics (polycarbonate panels-lexan, acrylic plates-Plexiglas, Foamalux-forex).
• Nautic Line Ltd. The company is focused on providing high-quality solutions for the walls, floors and decks of all types of vessels, but also other facilities.

Basic information

Tehnoguma d.o.o.
Obrtnička 1, CMP Savica Šanci, 10 000 Zagreb
• Irfan Omičević
• Nedžad Husetović
• Osmo Čeljo

Legal information
Responsible court: Commercial Court in Zagreb
Date of founding at the Commercial Court: 16.9.1993.
Registration number: 00474398
OIB: 388673 18377
Share capital: 403,500.00 kuna, paid in full

Business Account
Erste and Steiermarkische Bank D.D.
• IBAN: HR3324020061100055967
Business Unit Tehnoguma D.O.O. Split:
• IBAN: HR5324020061500006977

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Tehnoguma d.o.o

Obrtnička 1, CMP Savica Šanci, 10000 Zagreb
OIB: 38867318377
Registarski sud: Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
Datum osnivanja: 16.9. 1993.
Matični broj (MB): 00474398
Uprava: Osmo Čeljo, Nedžad Husetović, Irfan Omićević
Temeljni kapital: 2.528.100,00 kuna uplaćen u cjelosti
Erste&Steiermarkische bank d.d.
IBAN: HR3324020061100055967


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