Waterjet cutting, laser cutting, and milling service

Looking for a precise, efficient, and cost-effective cutting service? Our cutting service offers waterjet, laser, and milling options to meet your specific needs.

Waterjet, laser, and milling cutting service

We offer a very precise, high-quality, and fast service of waterjet cutting, laser cutting, and milling, depending on the needs of the user and the type of material that needs to be processed. We have two CNC 3-axis machines for waterjet cutting and CNC 3-axis milling, as well as a CNC laser cutter. Our waterjet cutting method uses a focused jet of water under high pressure on an area of approximately 0.04 mm2, with the ability to cut the toughest materials using water. If cutting hard materials, sand is added to the water as an abrasive to aid in cutting. This cutting method is used for cutting elements from black and colored metals, steel, PA6, plastic, rubber, gaskets, cork-rubber, textile, vitroplast, pertinax, and more. Laser cutting uses focused light that, if strong enough and appropriately stabilized, can be used to cut materials. We use the laser for cutting products made of acrylic sheets (plexiglass), PVC sheets (foamlux), PET film, and more. If needed, we also provide screen printing, engraving, and sticker printing services for our products.

The price of cutting is calculated based on the time spent and the type and thickness of the material. If you are interested, send us the drawings of your project positions in dwg or dxf format via the contact form or email tehnoguma@tehnoguma-zg.hr, and we will respond as soon as possible. For all other inquiries, we are at your disposal

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