Technical felt

Technical felt is commonly used for making seals and technical articles in industry. Wool felt is supplied in sheets. Sales at good prices

Technical felt | Wool felt

Technical felt is one of the oldest textile industrial materials. It is based on compressed wool fibers, and in some types, with a small percentage of cotton.

When wool felt is subjected to pressing, steam treatment or high temperatures, compression of wool fibers occurs. This makes technical felt a durable material resistant to abrasion. It withstands temperatures from -50 to +80 °C, and short-term up to 120 °C. It is resistant to tearing and returns to its original shape when bent. It can be glued and attached to almost any surface, and can be cut with excellent precision shaping.

Applications: for the production of gaskets and technical products, thermal insulation, sound absorber, protection and coating, for cleaning glass, plastic or metal, in industrial filtration (dust, smoke).
Delivery: rolls: width 2000 mm, thickness: 1 – 40 mm
Color: white, gray

Offered types:


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