Ceramic and glass cloth

eramic and glass cloth is characterized by strength, elasticity, and resistance to thermal and chemical influences.

Glass cloth and ceramic cloth

Ceramic and glass cloth are characterized by strength, elasticity and resistance to thermal and chemical influences.


Fiberglass cloth is an industrial cloth made from compact non-combustible glass fibers. It is characterized by exceptional strength, elasticity and resistance to thermal and chemical influences. It is used in the production of various insulation elements for refrigerators and ventilation systems, protective clothing and thermal insulation of cables.

Technical characteristics

Percentage of silicon dioxide SiO2: 64 – 70% Diameter: 8 – 13 μm Density: 2.50 g/cm3 Tensile strength: 1800 MPa Softening temperature: 750°C Roll dimensions: 1 m x 35 m


Ceramic cloth has excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties. It is resistant to high temperatures, oils, solvents, and a large number of chemicals, and is used for making seals and insulation in the chemical and petrochemical industry, for insulation of fuel pipelines, and similar applications.

Technical characteristics

Operating temperature: 1260°C (up to 1430°C upon request) Density: 170 – 230 kg/m3 Packaging Length: 12, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60 m Width: 610 mm, 1220 mm Thickness: 1 – 6 mm


Ceramic fiber paper is produced from high-quality ceramic fibers with low slag content shaped into an excellent flexible sheet. It is characterized by resistance to high temperatures and thermal insulation as well as high melt prevention ability. Ceramic paper has very low thermal conductivity, resistance to chemical corrosion, and thermal shock stability. It is mainly used in construction: as a thermal barrier in window production.


Ceramic and glass tapes are used for insulation of cables and pipes as well as other heated objects. They are resistant to tearing and temperatures up to 550°C. They are non-flammable and are characterized by resistance to oils, solvents, and various chemical agents.

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