Anti-slip dotted rubber mat

An attractive and durable embossed rubber mat for use in hospitality and healthcare facilities, workshops, kitchens, bathrooms, gyms, and similar high traffic areas.

Chequered rubber

Slip-resistant rubber flooring based on synthetic rubber has high resistance to chemicals, abrasion, fats, and oils. It absorbs sound and impacts well, and shows excellent resistance to weather, moisture, and cigarette butts.
Due to its practicality and durability, it is used in indoor and outdoor areas of high-frequency public, commercial, and industrial buildings. Catering facilities, train stations, subways, trams and trains, health facilities, kitchens, bathrooms, and gyms are just some of the spaces where rubber floor coverings find their application.

In Tehnoguma’s offer, you can find several types of rubber floor coverings with different surface finishes.

Chequered rubber type RRF BMN

Dimensions: 1200 x 10000 mm, 1450 x 10000 mm
Color: black, gray
Thickness: 3 mm
Features: durable, slip-resistant rubber, easy to cut and maintain.

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