PVC strip industrial curtains and doors

Improve safety, reduce noise, and save energy with flexible PVC strip doors. Perfect for cold rooms, warehouses, factories, and more.

Flexible PVC strip doors

Flexible PVC strip doors are an excellent solution for cold rooms, supermarkets, factories, warehouses, and distribution centers. They are transparent partitions placed at the external entrance of a building or used to separate two working spaces. These doors are made up of clear plastic strips made of polyvinyl chloride attached to a stainless steel support frame that is installed in the opening of the space that needs to be separated. Their rounded edges allow for easy passage without injury. The main purpose of PVC strip doors is to make industrial halls and warehouses safer, less noisy, and more energy-efficient

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Standard Clear

Strips for outdoor entrance and temporary or permanent indoor partition

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Polar and Super Polar

Strips for cold rooms and cold stores (up to -60°C)

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Signal Red

Strips in red color for visual delimitation of openings

Where to Use Flexible Industrial PVC Curtains?

Typical places where industrial PVC strip curtains are used include:
external entrance or permanent interior partition
thermal and sound insulation of the space
at loading dock doors
at doors for refrigerators and cold rooms
openings for delivery and more
areas where sensitive materials are handled

PVC Strip Curtains
How to Order PVC Strip Doors?
In order to provide you with an offer, we need the following information:

Purpose of PVC doors
Height of opening
Width of opening
Overlap of PVC doors (if you are not sure, we will suggest the optimal overlap)

What are the main benefits of using industrial PVC doors?

Strip curtains are a practical and cost-effective alternative to complex and expensive partition walls.

In addition to being used as an air barrier, they are a cost-effective choice for:

temperature and humidity control
mobility and the possibility of minimal openings
protection from noise, dust, smoke and steam, UV rays and light
protection against insects and birds
reducing energy costs and increasing employee satisfaction
The main disadvantage of using plastic strip curtains is not a true drawback in the proper sense of the word, but rather a characteristic. Although they are called PVC strip doors, they cannot be locked in a conventional way.

Industrial PVC doors offer several benefits that make them a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional partition walls. Not only do they serve as an air barrier, but they also offer temperature and humidity control, mobility, protection from various environmental factors such as noise, dust, smoke, and steam, and even protection against insects and birds. Additionally, by reducing energy costs and increasing employee satisfaction, these doors are an excellent investment for businesses. However, a notable characteristic of PVC strip curtains is that they cannot be locked in a conventional way, which is something to keep in mind when considering their use.

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