Polyurethane belts

Polyurethane belts


Thermocouplable belts based on polyurethane, delivered in several different sections: round, square, Trapei, V and pentagonal belts. Depending on the transverse cross section, it is most commonly used for lightweight (demanding) transport or as a conveyor belt guide.

Round Belts

It’s used for light transport, for equipping special machines. They require a circular-groove pulbag. are supplied in the diameter of the fi 3 – 15 mm.

quadrate Belts

For the transport of heavy and abrasive materials when moving on rollers and as bar guides. A = 15; H = 12 mm

Trapei v Belts

For the transfer of smaller power, for easy transport to avoid lateral deviations on transport, even in transporting goods to small gabarites. In the offer of dimensions: Z; and B C.

Pentagonal and Belts

It is used in transports requiring a small surface of contact with a transported product (e.g. Painting in the ceramics industry). Types A are supplied; B C.


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