Rubber gaskets | Klingerit gaskets | Teflon gaskets

We offer custom production of various flat gaskets for industry, according to customers' drawings and samples.

Rubber gaskets, Klingerit gaskets, Teflon gaskets

We offer a variety of flat gasket production for industry, according to customers’ drawings and samples.

In over 28 years of business, we have delivered hundreds of unique sealing solutions according to the specific requirements and specifications of our customers. We manufacture gaskets according to the highest standards of industrial quality and safety. Thanks to our advanced production capacity, we are very flexible and can deliver products in short timeframes and large quantities.

Before the gasket production process, it is necessary to choose the appropriate material that has the best resistance to the medium, pressure, and temperature to which the gaskets will be exposed. We offer rubber gaskets, Teflon gaskets, Klingerit gaskets, rubber cork, and other materials on demand. The possibility of production according to the shape and dimensions is almost unlimited.

In our catalog, we offer:

Radiator gaskets
Gaskets for connecting flanges
Gaskets for hollenders
Gaskets for sewage pipes
Gaskets for water meters
Gaskets for gas meters
Gaskets for burners and oxygen bottles
Gaskets for preventing oil and fuel leaks
Gaskets for various internal and external applications for protection against atmospheric, water or ozone impacts, etc.

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