Porocell - Foam rubber available in rolls, sheets, blocks, and profiles. It is used for thermal and sound insulation, as well as vibration protection.

Porocell – Foam rubber, sponge rubber or foam sheet

Used as acoustic and thermal insulation.

Foam rubber with closed cells
Material structure

Foam rubber with closed cells in sheets, rolls, profiles and blocks. Composite sheets composed of mutually glued materials are also available on request (especially useful in orthopedics and sports). Sheets and profiles can also be supplied in a self-adhesive version (UL94 HF 1-VO).

Technical characteristics

Color: white, gray, black, red
Density: 60-350 kg/m3
Temperature resistance: -40 to + 120C

Sheets: 1000 x 2000 mm
Rolls: width 1000 mm, length 10/20/30 m
Thicknesses: 1.5 to 70 mm
Processing: water jet cutting

Thermal and acoustic insulation, protection against vibrations and waterproofing.

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