Closed-cell insulation rolls, rods, and panels. Excellent protection against condensation. Used as a thermal insulator in heating systems, for thermal insulation of plumbing and refrigeration equipment

Isocell – Insulation Boards and Rods

It is also used in heating systems (hot and cold water) and refrigeration devices.

Isocell | Insulation Boards and Rods
Material Structure

Rods and insulation boards with closed cell structure
Self-extinguishing Class 1
Excellent protection against condensation
Technical Characteristics

Color: Black
Density: 80-100-140 kg/m3

Rolls: 1000 x 20/40 m
Thicknesses: 3 / 6 / 9 / 13 / 19 / 25 / 32 / 50 mm
Delivery: plain or self-adhesive profiles
Processing: water-jet cutting

Used as thermal insulation in heating systems, as thermal insulation for sanitary facilities (hot and cold water), and as thermal insulation for refrigeration devices.

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