Flexible tubing

Flexible tubings are versatile and durable hoses used for transporting various fluids and gases. Gum and PVC tubings offer resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and weather while high-pressure tubings are suitable for hydraulic fluids and compressed air.

Flexible tubings are a versatile solution for a variety of industries and applications. There are three types of flexible tubings that are commonly used: flexible rubber hoses, PVC pipes, and high-pressure hoses.

Flexible rubber hoses are designed to withstand abrasion, ozone, weathering, oils, steam, and physiological solutions. They meet industry standards for transportation of water, air, chemicals, steam, hot water, milk, fats, lower alcohol content fluids, fuel, oil, gas, sand, plaster, and concrete. These hoses are reinforced with textile inserts, steel spirals, or copper wires.

PVC pipes are suitable for transporting various media such as water, air, chemicals, gasoline, oil, smoke, dust, and chips. They are resistant to abrasion, acids, chemicals, pressure, impact, and crushing. PVC pipes are reinforced with polyester fiber or galvanized steel spiral and are commonly used in gardening, agriculture, food, chemical, and construction industries.

High-pressure hoses are suitable for hydraulic fluids based on mineral and synthetic oils, oil-water emulsions, water-glycol fluids, lubricants based on vegetable and mineral oils, refrigerants, and compressed air at high pressures. These hoses come with appropriate fittings and are designed to meet the high-pressure requirements of various industries.

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