PVC conveyor belts

PVC conveyor belts, widely used in the food industry for the safe and efficient transport of bulk or piece products. Meeting FDA/USDA safety standards, these belts offer excellent resistance to fats and oils, elasticity, high friction coefficients, and durability against abrasion and tearing

We offer a wide range of standard types of PVC conveyor belts with different qualities and applications, delivered in requested dimensions, endless spliced or prepared for gluing. Our selection includes PVC conveyor belts for food industry, elevators, and stone processing, with specific characteristics such as resistance to oils and abrasion, high friction coefficient, and flexibility. We also provide various other types of PVC conveyor belts according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

PVC conveyor belts series F

Surface hardness of 72 ShA. It is characterized by good resistance to mineral, vegetable and animal oils and fats. Suitable for transporting food products (according to FDA/USDA standards). Very flexible, especially types F12 and F21.

Types with double coating are intended for the agricultural food sector. Belt F21/K is particularly suitable for transporting bulk cargo on inclined conveyors.

PVC conveyor belts series L

PVC transport belts of the L series are highly elastic and flexible, with a relief surface hardness of 45-56 ShA and a high coefficient of surface friction, suitable for transport on inclined conveyors. They do not have good resistance to abrasion and grease. They are intended for the transport of bulk or piece products.

Types L10/F and L10/M are used for piece products. Type L91/V is intended for the stone processing industry, especially for grinding and polishing of marble and ceramics.

PVC conveyor belts of series U

Standard series for transport of piece goods with surface hardness of 74 ShA. It has excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing, with surfaces specially structured for marble processing. Suitable for transport in the presence of mineral oils, liquid fuels and detergents.

Type U21/0.5/Z is particularly used in the agricultural food sector, U61/V, U91/V and U121/4F on marble processing machines, and U12 and U21 have special ribs for the possibility of curves on the conveyor.

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