Chevron conveyor belts

Chevron belt is a ribbed pattern conveyor belt with a chevron shape on the top of the belt. It is designed for the transportation of powdered, granulated, and small lumpy materials on inclined conveyors.

Chevron conveyor belts – Chevron is a conveyor belt with a ribbed impression on the upper part of the belt. It is designed for the transport of powdery, granular, and small lumpy materials on inclined conveyors.

Unlike standard types of smooth belts, whose maximum transport inclination is up to 20°, Chevron allows transport on slopes up to 40°, without slipping or material overturning. It consists of a belt carcass (standard rubber conveyor belt) and rubber ribs vulcanized on the upper part of the conveyor belt.

Rib height: Depending on the rib height, there are three different types available – C15 (15 mm); C25 (25 mm); and C32 (32 mm).

Distance between ribs: Depending on the distance (pitch) between the rib pattern, belts with 125; 200; 250; 330; 400 and 500 mm are available.

Pattern shape: The Chevron pattern (rib shape) can be in the shape of a letter V, the letter U, fishbone, or cylinder. Each pattern is available in “open” or “closed” variants.

The choice of the height and shape of the chevron depends on the type and granularity of the transported material.

They are used on belt conveyors for transporting wood chips, sand, and gravel, various minerals, coal and ores, cereals, metal shavings, various bagged goods, in waste processing and recycling plants, on road construction machines, etc.

They are available in (standard) widths:

400, 500, 600, 650, 800, 1000, 1200; 1400; 1600 mm.

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