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Sound absorption

Polyurethane foam based on polyester, in addition to being efficient, is also the most popular and most economical material for the absorption of sound in the market.

Soundproofing insulation

In accordance with the absorption principle in our offer, you can find efficient and economical foam materials for sound insulation.

Sound absorption and Soundproofing

Sound insulation products made of polyurethane foam due to the structure of open cells and porosity represent lasting and quality protection against harmful noise. They comply with thermoinsulation requirements and can be applied between-40 ° C and + 120 ° C. Meet the UL94 HF1 standard of Fireproof, which makes them heavily flammable material. Products do not have a harmful effect on health and the environment. They are set quickly and easily by mechanical fasting or pasting, and depending on the need, they are easy to remove and change.


Foam materials have wide construction use as sound insulation of walls and ceilings in numerous commercial, institutional and residential buildings.

We offer several types of foam materials that we share on sound absorbers and sound barrier (sound insulation).


Advantages of using foam materials in noise protection

  • In comparison with other noise protection methods, it is extremely fast and easy to install (fitted with mechanical fasting or pasting)
  • are available in the Armatura versions and in the self-adhesive versions
  • Depending on the needs, it is easy to remove or change
  • If the predicted budget is intended for the work on noise Protection Limited, foam insulation is the optimal solution that maximizes the impact in relation to investments
  • It is also used to reduce noise that reaches from external sources when positioned in the opposite direction, or the direction of the sound source (in which case they require a new bulkhead, e.g. Plaster panels). In combination with antiacoustic distances to which plaster panels are placed, they give excellent results in noise protection
  • Commercial use is almost unlimited, so it is used as a protection against noise, influence from loud noise of machines and engines, etc.
  • Apart from noise insulation, certain items from the offer can also be used for decorative purposes giving the space a unique look
  • The offer includes items for extremely high temperatures with Class 1 fireproof marking
  • In addition to the role of sound insulation, foam materials are excellent and thermoinsulation requirements


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Construction Application

Commercial use

 Theatre Hall

 Music Hall

 Conference Hall

 Sports Hall

 Fitness Centre

 TV Studio

 Music Studio

 Game room

 Office space

 Conference Room

 Restaurant, café and night club

 Shooting Range

 Industrial Plant

 Energy plant

 Garage space

Residential Application

 Flat

 House

 Home Cinema

 Home Office

 Home Music Studio

Institutional application

 Library

 Museum

 Educational institution

 Hospital

 A police or military facility

 Sacral object


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