Spirometal gaskets


Spirometal Gaskets

Spirometallic gaskets consist of a V-profile metal hoop, spirally wrapped in combination with a soft sealing fill. The metal rim ensures elasticity while the flexible sealing filling guarantees a top-notch sealing. According to the combination of materials, Spirometallic gaskets are suitable for sealing at variable temperature and pressures. Depending on the application, the Spirometallic gaskets can be with the outer and/or inner rings.

They are used in a wide range of pressures and therefore have an almost universal application. They are used in liquid pressure up to 250 bar and temperatures from-250 ° C to + 500 °c. Due to its robustness, installation is simple and does not result in damage, although it is necessary to pay special attention when transporting and assembling larger diameters without a guide.

The external guide is used to center the spiral element on the flange and the protection against the disperse. Combining different materials for spirals and metals, seals can be applied in a series of working conditions. Because of their inappropriate traits it is easy to remove them in the overhaul and do not cause any damage to the flanges.

Manhole Seals

Manhole without asbestos, textile rubber seals for static sealing are used for easy working conditions, boilers, lids, boilers and furnace up to a maximum temperature of 200 °c and maximum pressure of 20 bar.


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