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Klingerit is a high quality sealing material made of & nbsp; organic and mineral fibers in combination with a special rubber. The most important characteristic of Klinger is its flexibility at high temperatures and adaptation to changes in materials with which it comes into contact, vibration and other mechanical loads. Klingers are easy to treat, cut and beautiful, and klinger seals have a long life span. Due to the above mentioned characteristics, Klingerit is one of the most widely used sealing and insulation materials. & nbsp; Considering the price and working life of the klinger sealant, it is cost-effective. 


  • Dimensions:  Klinger Plates 1500 x 1500 mm 
  • Thickness:  0.5 to 4 mm / tolerance for thickness 0.5 to 0.8 mm are 0.1 and for the rest +/- 10% 
  • One side of the board is antistatic 

    Technical characteristics of the types of klingerit boards from our offer: 

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TG / F-EC (AF 152 EC)

Sealed non-abrasive board made of organic fibers bonded with NBR binder. Industry application at lower middle temperatures and pressures.

TG / F (AF-152)

Sealed non-abrasive board made of organic fibers bonded with NBR binder. Industry application at lower middle temperatures and pressures.

TG / S (AF 300 B) 

High-grade sealed non-abrasive board contains a mixture of mineral and reinforced fibers with a special nitrile binder. Suitable for hot and cold water, steam, oil and gas sealing. Available in Wire Insert version </ p>


Sealant non-abrasive board is a special heat resistant fiber and nitrile binder. It is distinguished by its excellent pulling strength due to elevated temperatures and pressures. Suitable for the sealing of oils, fuels, lubricants, alcohols, gases, hydrocarbons, steam, water, refrigerants and most diluted acids and alkalis. Available in a wired insert version.

TG / C (AF-F)

Armored sealed non-corrosion-resistant, high-quality nitrile rubber-bonded carbon fiber panel. Particularly suitable for use under alkaline conditions with good steam resistance. It has excellent traction strength and is suitable for oil, fuel and cooling liquids.

TG / M (AF-300 B2 GZS)

A sealed non-abrasive board made of a mixture of mineral and armor fibers bonded with a special NBR binder. Used for hot and cold water, oil, cooling liquids, fuel, steam and gas sealing. It is reinforced with wire inserts and graphitized on both sides. 

Technical characteristics table: 

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