Flexible PVC Strip door curtains

Flexible PVC Strip door curtains

PVC flexible strip doors are transparent bulkheads that separate two workspaces. They consist of transparent plastic strips (voids) made of polyvinyl chloride, which are attached to an inoxin bracket that is placed on the opening of the space to be separated. PVC bar curtains have rounded edges, enabling undisturbed passing without injury. The basic purpose is to make industrial halls and warehouses safer, less noisy and more energy-efficient place.

The offer includes:

  • Standard Clear: External entrance tapes and temporary or permanent internal divisions
  • Polar & Super Polar: cold-space and refrigerated strips (up to-60 ° C)
  • Anti-Insect: Strips in yellow for protection from insects and installation in tropical regions
  • Anti-UV: protective foil for welders
  • Signal order: Strips in red for visually demaring of openings


Where to apply flexible industrial PVC curtains?

PVC bar Curtains or more commonly referred to as PVC strip curtains are a very suitable solution for refrigerated, supermarkets, plants in factories, warehouses and distributive centres.


Typical places where industrial PVC bar curtains are used:

  • External entrance or permanent internal divisions
  • Thermal and sound insulation of space
  • Near the loading bay door
  • With refrigerated doors and cold areas
  • Openings for rail deliveries etc.
  • Areas with sensitive materials


How to order PVC strip doors?

In order to make your offer, we need the following information:

  • Purpose PVC Doors
  • Hole Height
  • Aperture width
  • The PVC door lock (if you are unsure, we will suggest you the optimal preclop)


Dimensions of the bar and degree of overlap

In order to maximise the PVC door, it is necessary to correctly select the dimension of PVC strips taking into account the height of the aperture and the degree of overlap.

Recommended size of PVC tape compared to hole height 

PVC Bar Dimensions 200 x 2 300 x 3 400 x 4
Recommended Max. Hole Height 2.2 m 3.5 m 4.5 m


Overlap Required         Width X thickness (mm)
Dimensions 200 X 2 300 X 3 400 X 4
Maximum fold 98% 91% 98%
Middle Fold 77% 63% 77%
Minimum folding/inner door 36% 36% 36%

What are the main advantages of using industrial PVC doors?

Bar curtains are a practical and profitable alternative to complex and expensive bulkhead rocks.

In addition to use for the purpose of the air barrier, the cost-effective choice for:

  • Temperature and moisture Control
  • Mobility and possibility of minimal openings
  • Protection against noise, dust, smoke and steam, UV rays and light
  • Protection against insects and birds
  • Lowering energy costs and increasing employee satisfaction


The main flaw of using plastic bar curtains is not a disadvantage in the true sense of the word but its characteristic. Namely, although they are called PVC strip doors, it is not possible to lock them classically.

Installation of PVC bar curtains

The product is delivered as a finished system ready for installation and use. The system is fitted with PVC bar curtains and brackets made of stainless steel. The unique design of these elements allows for a quick return of an industrial strip curtain to its original position.

When installing, follow the instructions in this order

  • Place the stainless steel bracket to the opening (on the front of the wall beam or below).

Note: If you are setting the bracket to the front of the beam, it should correspond to the width of the opening width, and if placed under the beam, it is necessary to ensure that the sidebar can be moved undisturbed during transit.

  • Attach the bracket to the center with a screw
  • Use the libel to correctly position and mark the position of other fastening holes (if you are placing the bracket under the beam, use the peg to correctly mark the holes)
  • When you mark the position of the holes, fasten the mounting bracket to the screws and place the PVC strips on it. Unlike the mounting bracket that is placed on the front of the wall beam, the stainless steel bracket that is placed below should be cut to the required dimension in order to fit into the opening and fit the width of the passage.

Tape width (mm) | 200 | 300 | 400

Bracket Length (mm) | Universal length for stainless steel bracket 986 mm

When placing the mounting bracket on the front side of the beam, the curtains should be wider than the openings to fill the space between the neck and wall edges and ensure maximum protection.

The edges of the bracket (which are longer than the openings) are useful as places where you will place all the strips, if during the summer months you decide to temporarily remove the door.


  • You can unmount the strips together with the bracket or remove them from the carrier and clean the
  • Strips should be monitored in plain soap or overwritten with alcohol
  • Avoid the use of solvents.
  • Twice a year, inspect the construction on which multiple curtains and replace damaged strips


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