PVC plastic hoses

PVC hoses


Flexible pipes based on PVC and polyurethane meet high quality and safety standards such as the standards UL 94, Italian standards DM 21/3/73 and EEC Directive 90/128 and their additions.

The offer includes pipes for transporting different media such as water, air, chemicals, petrol, oil, smoke, dust and shavings. Depending on the purpose of individual pipes are resistant to abrasion, acid and chemicals, pressure, shock and kneading. The pipes come with reinforced coating of extremely solid polyester fibres, galvanic steel spiral or reinforced PVC spiral.

PVC flexible hoses are used in gardening, agriculture, construction industry, chemical industry, food industry, shipbuilding and the like.


VERT | For gardening

Flexible PVC tube reinforced with solid polyester fibre coating. Atoxic in accordance with Italian standards DM 21/3/73 and EEC Directive 90/128 and its additions.

Application: Gardening and floriculture

Color: Transparent Green


Hoses for smoke, dust and shavings



Very lightweight and flexible high-quality PVC pipe smooth inner surfaces with fireproof outer layer (according to UL 94 regulation). resistant to chemical agents. Incombustible to DIN 4120 regulation. Between two layers of canvas reinforced by galvanated steel “harmonica” spiral.

Diameter: from fi 40-356 mm.

Application: Air conditioning and ventilation devices, ISIS smoke and dust.

Temperature range of use:-15 ° C to + 120 ° C



Magnum Air P, Magnum Air L

Very light and flexible PVC-coated tube with smooth inner surfaces reinforced by impact resistant spiral and pressures. Resistant to weather conditions and the effects of most chemical agents. Self-Primgrey According to the UL 94 Regulation (KL. Vo

Diameter: from fi 16-300 mm

Application: Thrust/ventilation of smoke, dust, factory fibres, filings and sawdust. The flexibility range equals the internal diameter of the pipe.

Temperature range of use:-15 ° C to + 60 °c



Very flexible polyurethane tube with smooth inner surfaces, reinforced by galvanic-resistant steel spiral. It has excellent mechanical characteristics, five times more resistant than regular PVC on abrasive, salt and regular water, most solutions, pure mineral oils, unleaded gasoline and poor weather conditions.

Diameter: from fi 40-600 mm

Application: Isis smoke, filings and highly abrasive materials. Great for ISIS chemical vaporins. Resistant to UV rays, static electricity drain with copper spirals, just off to UL 94 class V2 regulation.

Temperature range of use:-40 ° C to + 90 ° C

Note: Also available with galvanous steel spiral and version for medium heavy and lightweight operating conditions.


Industrial PVC Hoses


Cristallo 2003

Transparent, extremely flexible PVC pipe reinforced with high-strength polyester fibers. Resistant to acid and pressure. Available in the Atoxin version according to Italian standards DM 21/3/73 and EEC Directive 90/128 and later updates.

Diameter: from fi 4-50 mm

Application: Chemical plants, automatic cleaning systems, pneumats machines, measuring instruments, transfusion of acids, salts and lužin, compressed air flow, food industry, etc.

Temperature range of use:-10 ° C to + 50 ° C


MAGNUM Cape-Wine

Suction-Thrust, flexible, PVC pipe smooth inner surfaces with a PVC spiral resistant to shock and kneading. Weatherproof and most chemical agents. Atoxic according to Italian standards DM 21/3/73 and EEC Directive 90/128 and subsequent additions.

Diameter: from fi 16-200 mm

Application: Especially suitable for the transport of wine, cider, remnants of grapes after clasping, alcoholic beverages up to 28% alcohol, and food industry for non-fat liquids.

Temperature range of use:-15 ° C to + 60 °c



Hard but very flexible PVC pipe smooth interior and exterior surfaces, reinforced by galvanic, shock resistant and kneading steel spiral. Atoxicic according to Italian standards DM 21/3/73 and EEC Directive 90/128 and subsequent updates

Diameter: from fi 10-50 mm

Application: Transport of liquids in agriculture, construction and processing industry.

Temperature range of use:-15 ° C to + 65 ° C

Order: antistatic Magnum Metal-R version with steel wire coated copper for grounding



Flexible PVC/PU pipe smooth interior, reinforced impact resistant spiral. Resistant to most chemical agents, good mechanical characteristics.

Diameter: from fi 25-300 mm

Application: intake and supply of organic materials in industry, agriculture.

Temperature range of use:-20 ° C to + 80 °c

Note: Possible version with copper wire for grounding


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