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Rubber Conveyor Belts

We offer rubber conveing belts in three basic series and different types depending on their purpose, conditions and manner of use.

PVC Conveyor Belts

In addition to being used as transport belts in the food industry, PVC convepments have applications in all other branches of the industry.

Conveyor Belts splicing

Whether it comes to making conveyor belts or reparations and connecting conveyor belts, we guarantee absolute reliability and quality.

Accessories for Conveyor Belts

In addition to materials intended for reparation and gluing of conveyor belts, there are also adequate professional tools intended for such requirements. In addition to hand tools, we can also offer the complete equipment for vulmerization and electrical machinery for vulcations and accessories for connection and processing of strips.

Straps for conveyors

The offer includes metal couplers or buckstraps for conveys. They are used, both in the fast mechanical connection of conveyor belts, as well as in the rehabilitation of transverse or submachine damage of the tape.

Rubber Tank Lining

A tyre for conveying drums for transporters is used with basic prevention tasks of moisture penetration and drum corroding, as well as traction tape sliding.

Conveyor Belts

What are transport tapes?

Conveyor belts are infinite connected materials that drive transport systems with rollers, and serve to transport goods.  They are used for transporting large quantities of bulk cargo, but also for the transport of pieces of items, packages, finished products, etc. The application was found in almost all branches of industry, especially in mining, metallurgy, building materials industry, agriculture, petrochemical and timber industry.

Characteristics of Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are the most important part of the transporter. Due to the high price and requirements such as those that the conveyor belt must be flexible and firm enough and that due to the nature of use, it must be resistant to abrasion and impact, it is of utmost importance that the conveyor belts are professionally merged and made of Quality materials.

The most commonly used materials for the production of conveits are tyres and polymers (PVC).

Depending on the place of use, the type and quantity of the transported material and the working Conditions Convel bar can be:

  • Antiabrasive
  • Oil resistant, acid, temperature
  • Food Convel Belts

They are available in antistatic or self-gasiva variants.

For transporters with steep slope of construction, elevation conveyor belts with transverse or substrate ribs or bulkback are used. The elevation inclination can be up to 70 °, whereas with smooth conveyor belts The maximum slope is up to 28 °.

Rubber bands for Transporters

Rubber bands for large traction forces are reinforced with steel ropes, while the conveyor belt that must be resistant to high temperatures has a synthetic rubber cartridge that is composed of the so-called. "Core strips" and a protective rubber layer. The core of the Conveter belt usually consists of (EP) canvas made from longitudinal polyester fibers with a polyamida horseshoe. It is characterized by a small weight, high tensile strength and limited stretching.

The flexibility of the connection between the canvases and the canvas and the rubber part enables a balanced load schedule on the tape. The rubber layer of conveyor belts protects the core from contact with the transported material and the abraation caused by rollers on the transporter.

PVC Convel Belts

PVC convepments are used in almost all branches of industry. From a wide assortment we highlight several standard types of different qualities and purposes. We deliver them in the requested dimensions, according to the customer's request, infinitely merged or prepared for gluing.

  • Series Fa-Convei strips for the food industry and agriculture, and is characterized by flexibility, and resistance of grease and oil
  • Series L-Elastic, flexible and antiabrasive strips for transporters, suitable for transport of stone, marble, ceramics and the like.
  • Series in-strips resistant to abrasive, tearing, fuel, deterts, mineral oils etc.

At the request of the buyer we can offer and deliver other tapes.

Conveyor Belt Connection Services

We perform assembly, maintenance and repair of conveyor belts, and we offer adhesives and accessories for maintenance, and for information regarding pricing or other information and necessary advice we are at your disposal.

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